Rush PEK

Although no specific date has been decided at this time, PEK rush will likely begin mid-September. We will hold info meetings before rush begins. If, once the time for these meetings has been decided, you cannot attend or you have any other questions/concerns please contact our new member educators Cadence Klatt and Dalton Fucik.




Also, as part of the rush process you will be asked to fill out a short application. This year’s application is not yet available, but a link to the application for last year is provided as a sample.

PEK 2016 Application



 Advantages of PEK Membership

  • Provides unique opportunities for working with peers and faculty within Health and Exercise Science.
  • Offers social-cultural opportunities through volunteer service other activities.
  • Fosters lasting friendships and fraternal spirit.
  • Provides opportunities for professional growth and leadership development.
  • Develops a feeling of mutual interest and responsibility, both personally and professionally.
  • Helps to instill a healthy professional spirit among our members and the other students in our department, on campus and those in the community.


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